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At 9th & Larkin, we make bean-to-bar chocolate in small batches. Each batch is handcrafted with the highest quality cacao beans sourced from a single region, and using as little as two ingredients to achieve the purest flavor profile possible. Every one of our sumptuous chocolate bars is handcrafted to perfection. Starting with raw cacao beans, we carefully select, sort, roast, winnow, grind, refine, temper, mould and wrap each bar by hand.

Do you know the same type of cacao trees grown in different regions of the world may produce beans that have different flavors? It's because the soil, amount of rainfall and sunlight is different from one region to another. In fact, cacao trees grown in the same plantation may yield beans that taste different from one harvest to the next, as the amount of rainfall and sunlight varies from year to year.​


Just like single malt whiskey or single origin coffee, you will truly taste the distinct flavors unique to each region of our cacao beans.

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