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The Gift of Monthly Tea + Chocolate


The Gift of Monthly Tea + Chocolate

  • The gift that continues gifting. Perfect for someone who loves chocolate and tea.


    Every month, on behalf of you, we will send out 2 bars of chocolate, 1 from our main collection, and 1 from our limited/microbatch collection, plus 2 different teas (6 servings total) to your beloved recipient. We source our tea from tea growing countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Japan. Majority of our tea are loose leaves as high altitude loose tea has more antioxidants and it's better for our body. We will have the tea in unbleached and biodegradable tea filter ready, all they need to do is brew and enjoy.

    Shipping is included.


    Surprise them with a 3-month gift, 6-month gift, or 12-month gift. 

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