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Monthly Chocolate + Tea Club


Monthly Chocolate + Tea Club

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Chocolate + Tea
yummy chocolates + delicious teas
$34.99every month until canceled
  • Explore the world through CHOCOLATE & TEA

    Every month, we will send out 2 bars of chocolate, 1 from our main collection, and 1 from our limited/microbatch collection, plus 2 different teas (6 servings total) so you can have a little tea time in the afternoon. We source our tea from tea growing countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Japan. Majority of our tea will be loose leaves as you may already know, high altitude loose tea has more antioxidants and it's better for you. But don't worry about tea filter, we will have them in unbleached and biodegradable tea filter ready, all you need to do is brew and enjoy.


    Shipping is included.

    Get one for yourself, and send one to your love ones, and experience it together. 


    For more information about our monthly chocolate + tea club, please click here

  • Please sign up by August 8. This collection will be shipped August 15.



    - Tien Giang, Vietnam 70% cacao: with notes of dried fruit, molasses, persimmon, dried figs on a solid chocolate background
    - Mushroom: made with cacao beans from Dominican Republic Zorzal, a little bit A2/A2 milk and shitake mushroom. Yes, you read it right! It is dreamy, smooth and a little umami.



    - Rishi's Pandan Red Tea One of their garden direct collection. This tea is rich red tea, with notes of floral citrus, fresh sticky rice, toasted grains, savory sweetness, hints of cacao and brown sugar

    - T2's Go Go Goa: A chai filled with all the usual spice suspects plus vanilla, orange rind and pink peppercorns.

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