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9th & Larkin Chocolate + Tea Gift Box


9th & Larkin Chocolate + Tea Gift Box

  • Looking for a gift for someone who loves chocolate and tea? Try our carefully prepared gift box with 3 bars of 9th & Larkin chocolates + Rishi teas: 

    - Our Tien Giang Vietnam 70% cacao bar, a taste of the Mekong Delta region. This bar's tasting notes is dried fruit, brown sugar, nuts, cinnamon, and hints of tobacco on a solid chocolate background
    - Our Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 72% cacao bar, with notes of cherries, berries, raisins, plums, slight lemon tang on a nice bright chocolate background.
    - And our Honduras Wampusirpi 72% cacao bar, with notes of fudge, caramel, on a nice rich chocolate background.

    Three different bars from three very different regions, each with its own unique flavor. It is traveling around the world without leaving the comfort of home. 


    And try them alongside with tea:

    - Rishi's Jasmine Tea: these are fresh green tea traditionally scented with enchanting jasmine blossoms. It makes a refreshing, and adding floral notes to the chocolate when pairing along

    - Rishi's Masala Chai: a bold yet balanced blend, emphasizing zesty ginger and fragrant cardamom with the simmering sweetness of Saigon cinnamon with a base of black tea. A winter warmer!

    - Rishi's English Breakfast: this tea makes a robust red cup with a brisk flavor and sweet caramel undertones, try with a piece of Honduras 72% cacao chocolate.  


    Gift box is wrapped around with gold starbust belly band, and tied with satin ribbon.

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