Stay at Home Essentials

Stay at Home Essentials

  • For spending more time at home, and eating every hour, here are some good healthyish snacks for you, and a easy way to add tasty water to your day


    Three tasting size bars from three very different regions: 
    - Our Tanzania bar is full of fruity notes! Cherry, berry, raisins, plums on a nice chocolate background. 
    - Our Dominican Republic bar, a trip to the Caribbean, with tasting notes of mango, grape, honey, walnut skins on a smooth chocolate background.
    - And our Honduras bar with dried fruit, caramel and mocha notes. Pair well with coffee!

    Each bar is 1.2oz snackable size and very easy to share!


    And have you been drinking enough water? Try these cold brew by Teapigs, an easy way to add some tasty water to your day. Just add cold water to a glass or bottle, add a tea pouch, and a couple minutes later, you have a tasty glass of water.

    Choose between Peach Mango and Lychee Rose

    - Peach Mango: beautiful fruity summer flavor!

    - Lychee Rose: floral notes with hint of lychee

    Each tea package has 10 tea pouches, naturally caffein free

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