Honduras Vietnamese Coffee


Honduras Vietnamese Coffee

  • This tiny batch was inspired by Vietnamese Iced Coffee, a very popular way to enjoy coffee in Vietnam. Started with Honduras Wampusirpi cacao beans, we blended in a little bit of sugar, A2/A2 milk and Vietnamese coffee to create this bar. It is smooth and creamy! And the flavor of coffee compliments the toffee, fudgy notes in the Honduran beans.

    We packaged it in a gift box style, inside is 5 pouches. Each pouch is one Vientamese Coffee circle so you can easily share, or enjoy on the go without having to worry about re-wrapping it. 


    62% cacao single origin dark milk chocolate with coffee

    Beans origin: Honduras Wampusirpi

    Harvest: 2018

    Ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, Vietnamese coffee

    Net weight: 2.1oz (5 individually wrapped pouches)