Tranquilidad Wild Harvest, BOLIVIA, 64% Cacao Cafe Latte


Tranquilidad Wild Harvest, BOLIVIA, 64% Cacao Cafe Latte

  • This is a tiny batch made with tiny beans from Bolivia Tranquilidad. They are wild harvest so the beans are very small, but packed with flavors. We blended in some milk and Kona coffee from the Big Islands of Hawai'i to create this Cafe Latte bar. This is our very first bar that is below 70% cacao, and also our very first dark milk bar.

    We packaged it in a gift box style, inside is 5 pouches. Each pouch is one Cafe Latte circle so you can easily share, or enjoy on the go without having to worry about how to re-wrap it. This bar tastes like having a morning cafe latte with chocolate looking at the beautiful ocean.


    64% cacao single origin dark milk chocolate with coffee

    Beans origin: Wild Harvest Tranquilidad, Bolivia

    Harvest: 2017

    Ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, Kona coffee

    Net weight: 2.1oz (5 individual wrapped pouches)

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